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All Day Team Duffel

  • 3-in-1 - can be used as a gym/running bag, work bag, and overnight travel bag.
  • Carry as a duffel or backpack. Tuck away backpack straps when not in use.
  • Exclusive hook and loop patch system. Personalize your bag with finisher patches or decorate with fun patches. We will continue to launch new and exciting patches for the system.
  • Separate shoe or dirty clothes compartment accessible from the outside.
  • Top zipper for accessories like keys, wallet, phone, electrolytes, or chargers.
  • Bag can sit on side feet and stand upright.
  • Easy loading main compartment.
  • High quality TPU material. The same type of material used for the tread on a treadmill...insane quality and waterproof material. Note: bag is not "waterproof", just the material.
  • Community and Conversation starter. We don't walk around with our finisher medals but it is a big part of our identity. The patches are a great way to start conversations about your recent adventures. From "Austin Marathon" to "Sauna Village" we want to bring together community with these duffel bags.
  • Fits in the overhead of an airplane
  • Dimensions: 21x13x10
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Shipping Hours: Monday-Friday 9am est - 2:00pm est

All Orders placed after 2:00pm est will be sent out the following business day.