A note from our founder:

A note from our founder:

I started this company out of my passion for running and the amazing friendships that were created from it.

Running for me was never about winning. I’ve never won a race in my life. I came in 39,275th place in the NY Marathon. Running for me was about prioritizing my health, pushing myself, and camaraderie.

Running for me is about the stories that come out of it. The grit it creates. The consistency it can create. The nerves and emotions it can evoke. And, the friendships it can create.

I started @alldayrunningco so others can experience the above and benefit from it as I have.

We are a different community than most apparel or running clubs. For starters, we are event-driven. We take traditional running distances and create epic “retreat-like” experiences. Speakers…Saunas…Cold plunges….Breath-work…Yoga…etc. We create creative running events. Our formula is: ALL DAY RUNNING CO= running races…meets retreats…meets burning man!

Here’s our business plan:

Create experiences that allow people to leave with a story that will last a lifetime. Period. At @alldayrunningco we are building a community. We rate our success based on how we make people feel…that’s OUR bottom line. If we do that well, the rest will follow suit.

Welcome to our family.

- Jesse Itzler

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