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All Day Virtual Race - May


It’s easier to stay on track with your training goals when you have a race on the calendar.

We wanted to make it easy, fun, and engaging to set monthly goals. So, we created Team Runs – bringing a community to virtual racing. AKA group runs with a goal to complete!

We will send you a Team Run Starter Pack that will have everything you need from start to finish, including a race bib, socks, team hat, finisher patch, and a medal.

3 Ways to Do a Team Run: Crush your goals alone, get together with some friends, and join our team leaders in key cities. Keep Reading!

  • Date: May
  • Race Distances: 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, 50k 
  • Goal: Grab a friend, partner, husband, or wife to complete the run together! Do it together or join our All Day team leaders to run in the community. 
  • Team Leaders: Hosting a 10k 
  • When: May, 2023 
  • Where: Find a Team Leader in a city near you 
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