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You may think, what does Ice Camp have to do with running? It has everything to do with running.  

What does going for a run and being in the cold have in common? A strong mentality.  

The common thread of doing hard things is persevering through the difficulties and having the willpower to finish what you start. You can sink deeper into the cold plunge and you can push through the final mile of your run. 


When: February 26-28, 2023

Where: Lake Minnewashta, Minnesota

Think summer camp... meets a wellness retreat... meets a community meet-up... in the winter!

You’ll cut a hole in a frozen lake… to take the plunge. You’ll chop wood for the sauna… to sweat and detox. You’ll get coached through the Wim Hof Method and other breathing techniques… to harness new energy. You’ll be guided through moonlight meditation and Yoga Nidra to wind down your mind, body, and nervous system before bed. 

You’ll hang out by the bonfires and bond with our incredible community… new and familiar faces. You’ll eat incredible food, listen to live music, and hear from world-class speakers… all so you can relax and learn something new. 


The Experience:

Ice Camp takes place at a fully supported campground with heated cabins, electricity, and clean running water. All food, hot and cold beverages provided. While many activities are outdoors, we will sleep in heated cabins 

On top of yoga, hiking, walk and talks, breathwork, sauna, cold plunge, bonfires and breakout sessions, we have created three unbelievable experiences for our “campers.” 

  • Silent “Monk” Meditation 
  • Cold as Ice 5k 
  • Sweat Lodge and Lake Submersion 

All activities are facilitated in small groups so you can develop meaningful relationships, and there will be dedicated time to hang out and connect with this incredible group.


This event is limited to 200 people so claim your spot today!