All Day Team Duffel

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Color: Blue
3-in-1 Duffel / Backpack:
  • Carry-on travel bag
  • Running/Gym bag
  • Computer/Office bag

Wall of Fame patch system.

  • Personalize your bag with finisher patches or decorate with fun patches. 
  • Be prepared to get stopped in public :)

Storage Compartments:

  • Accessory compartment on top
  • Shoe compartment on side
  • Padded laptop compartment

Main bag - two ways to access:

  • Lay flat and fully open for easy loading
  • Stand on it's side for quick access thanks to the bottom gripping feet

High quality TPU material. The same type of material used for the tread on a treadmill...insane quality and waterproof material. Note: bag is not "waterproof", just the material.

Fits in the overhead of an airplane
Dimensions: 21x13x10

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3 in 1 Duffle/Backpack

  1. Carry-on travel bag
  2. Running/Gym bag
  3. Computer/Office bag

Wall of Fame

Build out with your race and event accomplishment. Be prepared to get stopped a lot in public.

Storage Compartments:

  1. Accessories
  2. Shoe compartment
  3. Padded laptop compartment

Main bag - two way to access:

  1. Lay flat and fully open
  2. Stand on its side for quick access thanks to the bottom gripping feet.

Quality and Style:

  • Four fun colors to choose from
  • 100’s of patches being made
  • TPU waterproof material…same material used on treadmills